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Brief description:

Pingxiang Volmet company (factory:Ganzhi Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.) professional manufacture APG clamping machine, Molds, Epoxy resin, Insulating tapes, Testing machine, hydraulic system, friction welding machine.

The machines and materials are used to produce epoxy resin CT,PT, insulator, wall bushing, SF6 cover, contact box, sensor, circuit breaker.etc

With professional sales engineer and technical engineer, rely on strong R&D ability, based on clients requirement, Volmet can offer customized, reliable, practicable, easy operation, high efficiency, multi function automatic equipment.

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  • In the winter and spring seasons, a number of airlines announced the resumption and additional flights of many international and domestic routes

    Starting today (30th), Civil Aviation of China will implement the flight plan for the 2022/23 winter and spring seasons, from today to March 25th, 2023. 104,573 passenger and cargo flights are scheduled every week This winter and spring season, a total of 127 domestic and foreign airlines plan to...

  • Epoxy reisn SF6 load switch

    SF6 load switch FL(R)N36-12D SF6 load switch is an advanced electrical component developed and designed by itself on the basis of the advanced technology of SF6 load switch at home and abroad. This series of load switches is divided into FLN36-12D type (with K-type single-spring operating mechani...

  • Instrument Transformer making machine –APG machine

    Instrument Transformer is a general term for current transformer and voltage transformer. It can turn high voltage into low voltage and large current into small current for measurement or protection systems. Its function is mainly to convert high voltage or high current into standard low voltage ...

  • Different between APG technique and vacuum casting technique

    There have two technologies to cast epoxy resin current transformer the old one and traditional one is by vacuum casting tank,called vacuum casting technology,The second latest technology is APG (automatic pressure gelation ) technology ,the casting machine is APG clamping machine,also called APG...

  • Cast epoxy resin current transfomer two methods

    Epoxy resin current transformers (epoxy resin instrument transformer)are used to step-down current to defined values, and thus provide standardized, useable levels of current in a variety of power monitoring, measurement and protection applications while insulating the measurement and protection ...

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